Everyday-Legal can draft your:

  • Will – your legal wishes regarding what is to happen to your children and property.
  • Power of Attorney – gives an appointed person the power to do deal with your affairs on your behalf.
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – gives an appointed person the power to make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to make your own decisions.

We can also assist in:

  • Probate Matters



Wills and Estates Law

Need a Will? | Need to up-date a Will? | Need advice regarding a Will dispute?

Everyday-Legal offers a free 30 minute consultation so we can discuss your situation and outline various options to assist you in deciding your next steps.

Need a will?

By making a Will you can:

  • decide who gets what from your estate
  • decide who will take care of your children
  • clearly indicate who will distribute your property in accordance with your wishes, reducing the likelihood of future family disputes, confusion and added expense.

Everyday-Legal can provide you with a Simple Will from only $200 (excl. GST).   We can also provide you with a low fixed fee quote should you require a more Complex Will.

Need to update your Will?

If you have a Will and you have recently separated, or if your circumstances have changed you will need to update your Will.

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Have you been nominated as an Executor of an Estate? With our “no surprises” fixed fee we can make this a simple, stress free process.

Did you know your tasks may include:

  1. Publish your intention to apply for probate on the Supreme Court of NSW website
  2. Lodge specific forms i.e. proof of death at the Probate Registry of the Supreme Court
  3. Obtain probate
  4. Make an inventory of property – List everything the deceased owned, payments or assets they were entitled to
  5. Sell deceased assets – so money can be divided amongst the beneficiaries
  6. Contact banks/companies if necessary
  7. Pay deceased expenses and debts
  8. Open a bank account in the name of the estate to place their money into.
  9. Pay funeral expenses
  10. Administer expenses
  11. Pay outstanding tax
  12. Prepare a detailed distribution report once you have sold the deceased’s assets and paid all their debts
  13. Give this report to each of the beneficiaries when you pay them their share of estate
  14. Once 6 months has passed since the deceased died you may give the deceased money and possessions away as provided by the Will.

As you can see the list of duties you undertake in your role as executor is quiet complex and time consuming.

We can take the stress out of this already difficult time. Call us today on (02) 6621 2742.

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