Conveyancing Service

We offer a low Fixed Fee Conveyancing Service:

From only $800* (value of property up to $500,000.00)

Prepare | Provide | Negotiate |Attend | Communicate |Document |Register | Notify


Within this low fixed fee we can help you to sell your home by:

  • Preparing your Contract for Sale
  • Provide a copy to the agent for marketing, or prospective purchaser.

Once the Contract for Sale is drafted and certificates have been received from the client/council we then forward this to your agent.

  • Negotiate the terms of the contract with any prospective purchaser.
  • Attend to exchange of Contracts and also at settlement
  • Communicate with your lender and with you so that you know where the process is at and where it is going
  • Document all conversations and transactions

If we are assisting in you purchasing a property we also:

  • Arrange for the release of keys
  • Register documents with the Land Titles office
  • Notify Council and Water Board

*Disbursements and third party payments are not included in this cost

Price structure


  • Property (purchase or sale) from $800 + GST+ disbursements (up to $500,000.00 property value)
  • Business (purchase or sale) from $900 +GST + disbursements (up to $500,000.00 property value)
  • Strata from $800 + GST +disbursements (up to $500,000.00 property value)
  • Transfer of property from $800 + GST + disbursements
  • Refinance $600 + GST + disbursements

If you want to Sell or Buy and receive a low Fixed Fee Conveyancing service, call us today 0424 970 367





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